Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome to my mind

Well hey there internet, it's Brittney.

This is my first post here, as you've probably noticed, so bear with me because I'm just making up stuff as I go along.  I suppose I should probably tell you why I decided to make a so-called blog.  Well, I guess it had part to do with me being bored, part to do with me having a lot of thoughts that I just need to discuss or else I will go insane, and partly because I like typing more than I like writing in a diary.

So there, I said it.  This is like an online diary of sorts for me.  A place where I can go and unabashedly spill my thoughts without afraid of being judged or hurting the feelings of someone I care about.  I do, in fact, realize that if people do read my blog I will be judge, but since I don't know the people who would be reading my blog, their judgement won't really bother me.

To put it in other terms, this blog is for me. I'm not writing this to gain followers or anything.  So I'm sorry if I don't talk about topics that interest you or anything.  On here I will talk about things that interest me, things that I've been thinking about, or things that bother me.

So, welcome to my mind.  It's a nice place if I do say so for myself.  But I guess you should take a look around and decide for yourself.  :)

But I should probably stop procrastinating, so I'm going to go now.

See you around,


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